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The story.

It just happened one day, and looking back in time, it now feels as if things were done by themselves, as usually happens with things that are meant to be.

But lets’s go back a little bit more. I’m a film producer with a 15 year career in Mexico City’s advertising industry. With such an streessful job, I learned to find hobbies, among other things, to keep my mind at ease.

And it happened one day: a tweet with a bookbinding workshop. I’ve always loved notebooks and now I could learn to craft them. Since the first notebook I made with my own hands, I couldn’t stop making them anymore. I started practicing, experimenting and creating at home. My son, who was about twelve at the time, was on summer vacation, so he had to go with me to my shooting that day. He asked me if he could bring the notebooks to sell them to the film crew, and I say yes, since it was good idea to keep him busy on the set. He sold almost all of my practicing notebooks and I got a 85 notebook order from the animation studio I was working with. Maybe this is ready for more, I thought.

imakenotebooks, was born. It is my bookbinding workshop established in 2013. We specialize in custom made notebook orders for companies, museums, architects, artists, brands, design agencies as well as individual customers thru our online shop. Started at home during my free time and then hired my first assistant, found a small place, then six more people, then a bigger place. Making custom made orders from my advertising colleagues and friends to Anish Kapoor MUAC’s exhibition in Mexico or the UNFPA global meeting in Panama.

I mastered the formats of the notebooks I wanted to offer, the productivity the workshop needed as a business and also, how to handcraft with groups of four to twenty persons during high season without loosing quality, neither the human made spirit behind them. And at the same time, I begin not only to worry about offering a good product and service, but also I was now responsible for the quality of life I would like my employees to have.

When imakenotebooks was mostly set, Apuntes couldn’t wait to emerge. The way I see the world through my notebooks. The journals I would like to find in a design store. Wasn’t hard to be inspired by sober colors, minimal designs and the beauty I find in simple things, mostly with Mexico’s textures and abstractions on the subtle background of each collection. The Mexico I live in everyday, which is not always about folklore, violence or corruption. The Mexico we are, the Mexico we see.

Producer, artisan, entrepreneur.

I am Marcela Garza, founder of imakenotebooks and creator of Apuntes,

Thank you for visiting our website.